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Monday, March 12, 2007

psycho logicalists on a pair a dice

I been thinking about it. Its not every lifetime (if ever) you up & find something good in the field of personality instruments. So Carl Jung unknowingly created proteges/followers who tickled the fancies of one captive audience.

Its time to move on. What other sideshow attractions await us in the hall of mirrors--the personality game--this fiasco of life???

Right off the top of my head all I can think of is Freud, someone who obviously had a lot of (possibly negative) influence on humanities which had access to translations of his works. Speaking of which--how do you figure a cokehead like Freud convinced the world that things go better with coke? They cleaned up the soda, but dirtied up our "minds." Isnt it amazing how the slightest suggestion of a suggestion sugggesting something is ate up like so much apolacray.

How about Mesmer? Wonder what he did with personality testing, or convincing us that we needed to do something?


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