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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


As promised we shall continue our journey through the, for lack of a better idea, the mind. As you may recall, or for you new comers, we are looking at post-Jungian learning instruments. This weeks collaborator is after my heart- he has the most colorful sight to date- watch out kiddies?

The Kiersey Temperament Sorter-II is a FREEBIE, 70 question instrument that "helps individuals discover their personality type." According to the Temperament Theory people can be sorted into one of four groups. This follows the Jungian construct, and the post-Jungian constructs, of sorting people into four groups of something or other.

Four preference scales sort testees into one of four temperaments, and one of 16 character types.The preference scales measure:
Expressive vs Attentive
Observant vs Introspective
Tough-minded vs Friendly
Scheduling vs Probing

So far it looks like to me he covers a wider range of a personality than the other two instruments we have looked at. What looks more interesting yet is the four temperaments into which a person can be tested into- if they dont already have any ideas about theirselves. Covered are:

Artisans (composers, crafters, performers, promoters)
Idealists (healers, counselors, champions, teachers)
Rationalists (architects, fieldmarshals, inventors, masterminds)
Guardians (inspectors, protectors, providers, supervisors)

Herr Doktor: fieldmarshals? (1940s?)
: masterminds? reminds me of Megadeth' Cryptic Writings (1997) CD
: While reading this site the same feeling came over as when I began to hear and see clips from Forrest Gump. I havent seen it to date for fear of the literal virtual lobotomy. To much information usually forces out critical brain cells, leaving me lacking in one sense or another

Personally, I fall way into the artisan hole, although I had to take a close look at the rationalists. Remember, Jung worked his theories during the first half of the twentieth century, basically. With so many options in which to land your personality, and so many descriptions laid out for you by the Keirsey Advisor Team, you might be better off just picking a few categories for yourself, and trying them out for a while, prior to taking the test. As with most ventures in life, once you get good at something, leading the gullible onwards becomes folly for the fuel.

The Keirsey Advisor Team, like others, has a sideline of articles to help testtakers: reports, maps, paper, pencils, original and student versions in foreign languages, alone or packaged together in bundles.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Academia- we like this one. I bought it without taking a test drive. Someone ought to be persuaded to put a little personality back into personality testing- what do you say? next time: never you mind hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


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