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My love of books began with a box of crayons. OH! how the black on white needed emphasis! I find my powers of research challenged as literature moves through the digital age. Graduate school presents new information for my enjoyment and consumption. READ ON!!!!!

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Friday, February 16, 2007

class preparation Feb 17, etc

I may be off, but Stuert & Moron write on p. 77, "TQM no longer has the success it experienced several years ago, particularly in Japan where it originated. . . ."

tonite. the more I read this text the more fun I have. I mean, I MEAN, I'm sitting here on the bench- - remembering all the comments everyone made about planning and anticipating the future and DEJAVU- AND WE GET TO DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN! Thats cool- I was goofing on it the first time. So tomorrow I will read & see what memories the book jerks out of me this time.

tomorrow. it happened again- I missed tomorrow- I must have fallen asleep @ 1159 again. so here it is today again


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whoever cut out my cut on the godamn government- up yours

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