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My love of books began with a box of crayons. OH! how the black on white needed emphasis! I find my powers of research challenged as literature moves through the digital age. Graduate school presents new information for my enjoyment and consumption. READ ON!!!!!

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Friday, February 02, 2007


In mid 1990s the Dept of Defense was big on TQM (totalitarian quality management). I was only an interested party- bored and trying to pickup on whatever seemed interesting, to pass the time before a) I died of boredom, or b) I died at the hands of an enemy our country had helped to create. Anyway, as almost an assistant to a general staff of 45 generals of the largest corps in the army (ordnance) [I decided to leave the service- a person can take just so much subservience to an ungrateful country]. I became aware of TQM- I didnt know it had originated in Japan, but it sounded good- a good buzz word- made people happy.
I tracked down people trying to implement it from the Pentagon on down. I dragged it down to my level, although nobody I talked to could tell me anything about it. So I figured why beat a dead horse. I dont know if it ever took- they probably renamed it and passed it off as their own- I believe Al Gore of internet fame was vice president at the time. fizzle POOF shizzle
NEXT: to do case study I found it helpful to browse through entire text- I'm glad I thought of it. Life experience helped in writing evaluation.


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