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My love of books began with a box of crayons. OH! how the black on white needed emphasis! I find my powers of research challenged as literature moves through the digital age. Graduate school presents new information for my enjoyment and consumption. READ ON!!!!!

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Monday, March 12, 2007


All right- I think weave got Carl Jung figured out, and best summed up by the Moody Blues in their 1968 album In search of the lost chord (House of four doors). If youre not lost now you never will be.

So lets move on. Why do people so need these tests. Some theorists have the power and money to have their products introduced to the captive audiences among the masses. Lets scrap the peanut gallery and go to the master.

Franz Anton Mesmer has been dead since March 5, 1815, following his “discovery” of the subconscious……………{go the days of future past—next time}


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