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My love of books began with a box of crayons. OH! how the black on white needed emphasis! I find my powers of research challenged as literature moves through the digital age. Graduate school presents new information for my enjoyment and consumption. READ ON!!!!!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

2000 light years from home, mickey

"My fellow Merkans, I come to you with a heavy uhhhhhhh---YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! With no disrespect to Mesmer, this will be the last transmission. Yes JOJO, I am off to join the circus. I believe last weeks abstraction was Mesmer to the nth degree. Available to the masses everywhere on the planet via electronica, computers, or at least our little cultured community.

But I regress. Before my seasonal talent shizzles out to be reincarnated let us digress

It is time to bring this 4 month ride to a change, and to surmise exactly what it is we can use, or forget about, from what we have seen.

Libraries and archives are run, administered, and used by-----animals, who have tools to work with, albeit, electronic in many cases, tools nonetheless. "People in the know" speculate on how much of the hard copy will go away in the face of impending electronica.

Why did I select to research persons in the background of communication? Because among many options, expounding on something exposed for study during the course was offered as an option. There were obviously, may have been a world of possibilities to choose from, but this area interested me, because it grabbed me by the throat and tried to strangle me. I had to find other theories that had not been chosen, and figure why, to MY satisfaction. Feedback came from the students and instructor- so much food for thought. That reminds me of the time a Colonel in the Army was getting ready to throw me out of a military school for, says he "You are arrogant and have bad attitude." I told the dumb bastard that "was some food for thought" "thur, yea thur" and left the school, to be subject to a Congressional investigation for years. When I came to begin library studies I realized there were a few men in the forefront of the field- checking out books and helping little people find books. And my perception was librarians were a domicile for little old ladies left behind by society. While both of these views are only partially correct, and changing in the real world- I think- I became immersed in the studies of all who wish to succeed in this profession. It has always been my opinion that people talk too much about things they know nothing about, or know about vicariously, i. e., they heard something from somebody, orthey watch too much TV. Fine with me. But dont tell me how to be a sheep like the rest of the mindless. I could have gone with info presented in any of the world' newspapers, or a TV show (LEAVE IT TO BEAVER!), or other readings. My info came from selected sites found by "googling." And like anything, I could have been bogged down in a quagmire of available information, if it had been much more than totally boring, and I- totally bored.

So, once again in my life quest, for how I am going to spend the rest of my time walking this void, I am caught in an enema, by an enemy, in a dilemma. What to do? Although communication is vital- just like the internet, people are full of good & bad info- just how to figure out between the 2. How best can one spend one's time? In a recent DAILY SHOW with John Stewart, Leonid Brezinski, former National Security Advisor for Jimmy Carter, stated point blank "Our's is an ignorant society,"



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